Setting – up a business

Apart from the provisions of the OHADA Treaty, notably the Uniform Act on General Commercial Law, the Uniform Act on the Law of Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups and the Uniform Act on the Organization of Collaterals, the business creation mechanism in Cameroon is enriched with the enactment of Law No. 2016/14 of 14 December 2016 and its implementation Decree No. 201/877/PM of 28 February 2017 aimed at speeding up the process.


Following these new provisions, in all the regional headquarters in Cameroon, there is a business creation structure referred to as the Business Creation Formalities Centre (BCFC). It is a structure that brings together, in one entity, various bodies including the NSIF, a Taxation Centre, the Registry, etc.; the goal is to set up a one-stop shop to facilitate as much as possible the formalities of business creation. According to BCFC, it is possible to start one’s business in 72 hours.



Prior to accessing BCFC to establish your business, it is necessary to have previously obtained some documents.

For natural persons

  • a certified true copy of the national identity card or the birth certificate for nationals. For foreigners, a certified true copy of the passport or residence certificate;
  • a certificate of non-conviction for nationals. For foreigners, an excerpt of the criminal record issued in the country of origin or any other document in lieu thereof;
  • an excerpt of the marriage certificate or a certificate of celibacy;
  • a residence permit;
  • 2 passport-sized photos with your name written behind;
  • where applicable, a prior authorization to do business;
  • a business location plan signed by the applicant.

For corporate bodies

  • 2 certified true copies of the articles of association of the future enterprise – these could be done before a notary public or under private signature;
  • 2 copies of declaration of compliance with the regulations, or the notarized statement of payment of subscription;
  • 2 certified lists of the managers, administrators or partners held indefinitely and personally liable, or having the power to commit the company;
  • 2 certificates of non-conviction of the persons mentioned above;
  • prior authorization to do business, where applicable;
  • a business location plan signed by the applicant.




Then, with all these precious documents, you can go to the BCFC, which will allow you obtain the following documents:

  • an application for attestation to submit to NSIF. Cost: Receipt of XAF 6,000 plus 2 fiscal stamps of XAF 1,000  each, making a total of XAF 8,000;
  • an attestation of non-use of NSIF wage earner. Cost: Receipt of XAF 1,500 plus 1 stamp of XAF 1,000, making a total of XAF 2,500;
  • a business licence. Cost: XAF 0 for exemption during the first year of operation;
  • a taxpayer’s card. Cost: XAF 0, since it is free;
  • a registration of the lease. Cost: 10% of the amount of the annual lease declared by the promoter for a tenant entrepreneur; 0.11% of the declared value of the property for a building owner businessman;
  • registration into the Trade and Land Property Register. Cost: XAF 53,000 for a natural person and XAF 41,500 for a corporate body.


For more information, visit the BCFC website at