It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the updated web site of the Cameroon investment promotion Agency (IPA). This new website, which is the IPA’S platform for investment promotion at the national and international levels, is the official portal of entry for investments in Cameroon.

The Investment Promotion Agency, established on 1 September 2005 by Presidential decree and which went operational in 2010, is an institution for investment promotion and facilitation. For this purpose, it is involved in the development and implementation of government policy in this area which includes amongst others;

Reception, assistance and guidance of investors
Receiving and processing of investor application files.
Facilitation of visa required by investors and their foreign staff
Simplification of administrative procedures in conjunction with the relevant technical services
Monitoring and control of engagements signed by those authorized
Granting of incentives to investors in collaboration with other relevant ministerial departments:

The revamped website falls inline with the IPA objectives which seeks to offer investors, an integrated and secure platform for information and services geared towards their concerns.

The new version of the IPA web site has been redesigned, putting the investor at the heart of the system. Thanks to its new configuration the website now provides a friendly and attractive interface, more elaborate and updated information and a multi easy access equally providing an interactive discussion forum for investors and possibilities for online inquiries.

This progressive approach coincides with many of the reforms undertaken by the Cameroonian government under the auspices of His Excellency President Paul Biya aimed at providing better support services for investors and an enabling environment to do business. Thus, after the promulgation of the new Investment Code of 18 April 2013, which provides amongst , the creation of a one stop shop at the IPA, specific visas to be issued to investors to facilitate their entry into Cameroon, it became imperative for the IPA to adopt a communications plant that takes into account these major innovations .

Furthermore, the continuous improvement of the business climate through multiple reforms the establishment of institutions dedicated to good governance and public-private dialogue such as the Cameroon Business Forum, the enactment of special laws governing PPP’s, are all actions initiated by the government designed to increase the attractiveness of Cameroon as an attractive investment destination in Africa.

The combined efforts of government and the development of comparative advantages of Cameroon (geostrategic position, the abundant human and natural resources, the competitive costs of factors of production, important basic infrastructure, institutional, legislative and regulatory reforms in line with evolving international standards) will no doubt help raise the level foreign direct investment (FDI). flows into the country.

Cameroon is now determined to meet this challenge in line with the country’s Growth and Employment Strategy Paper[GESP] whose vision is to position Cameroon as an emerging country by the year 2035 .

In this light it is my humble opinion that the investor community both local and foreign will find this website an important instrument to help them carryout informative research on doing business in Cameroon and facilitate their decision to invest in the country .

The IPA team is at your service to respond to any concerns you may have on investing in Cameroon .

Looking forward to seeing you soon in CAMEROON.

Sincerely yours