Investment Licensing

We receive and study the applications for conventions provided by the investment legislation

As per the Law N° 2013/004 of 18th April 2013 amended and supplement by  Law No 2017/015 of 12 July 2017 to lay down private investment incentives in the republic of Cameroon, our agency offers its public service in approving Foreign Direct Investors wishing to establish their endeavor in Cameroon. 

Upon the expression of the investor's request to establish in Cameroon and specifically to benefit of the advantages provided for in the abovementioned law, our services provide detailed information as per the various sectors  identified as priorities to government, as well as the requirements that these investors need to fulfill in order to beneficiaries of the incentive grants. These requirements comprise the submission of an application by the investor for approval under the incentives provided for by the abovementioned law. This application could be submitted by an individual or an incorporated body. The application file shall be made up of:

  • the application letter
  • general information regarding the person/ company
  • a feasibility study of the project.

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In addition, the applicant must abide with certain substantial conditions provided for by the 2013 law on incentives as provided below.

Once all these conditions are fulfilled, we approve the FDI and grant the possibilities for the FDIs to enjoy the conducive investment environment that Cameroon offers.

The licensing we grant, as per the investment legislation, goes from five (05) to fifteen (15) years.

We do not only rely on declarations to grant approval. We care equally on the implementation of the investment project and its beneficial outcome for the investor, the consumers and the state. In consultation with the Ministry of Finance, we follow up to make sure that the investor keeps to the engagements taken in the approval document.

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Grant various incentives to investors within the framework of the approval document