We are the one stop shop for investments in Cameroon.

The IPA is a public administrative institution with legal personality and financial autonomy based in Yaoundé and a branch in Douala. The Agency is under the technical supervision of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon and under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

Our mission, in collaboration with other administrations and public and private institutions, is to contribute to the development and implementation of government policy on investment promotion in Cameroon.

As such, we aim to:

- promote the image of Cameroon abroad;

- participate in the improvement of an environment conducive to investment in Cameroon;

- propose measures likely to attract investors in Cameroon;

- Gather information on the various investment opportunities in Cameroon and disseminate them to the business community;

- create a database of projects and make it available to potential investors;

- Welcome, assist and guide foreign and domestic investors at all stages of development of their investment projects.

We also provide public services to companies seeking or obtaining approval under the Investment Charter as well as monitoring and controlling companies benefiting from these benefits.

To this end, the Agency's function is to:

- Receive and study the cases of application for approval;

- obtain the necessary visas for the execution of the investment programs proposed by the company for the duration of validity of the approval document;

- Obtain visas for foreign personnel during the validity period of the approval document;

- Assist accredited companies in the necessary steps for the implementation of investment programs, including access to related public facilities;

- Establish, in liaison with the relevant technical services, simplified administrative procedures by type of activity;

- Monitor and ensure compliance with the commitments made in the approval document and take appropriate action if necessary;

- Propose measures likely to improve the implementation of sectoral codes

Thousands of investors received and oriented

More than 175 licensing agreements signed with companies since 2014

Several key events Organized within and out of Cameroon

Numerous participations in national and international investment meetings


Make Cameroon a major investment destination in Africa


Passionate about our mission

We work in collaboration with the main actors of the investment.