A Licensing agreement is an contract concluded between persons (individuals, social or political groups, states) and which is intended to produce legal consequences. Within the framework of the Investment promotion Agency, it is an agreement between the State of Cameroon represented by the Investment promotion Agency and an investor (Cameroonian or foreign natural or legal person, resident or non-resident, who acquires an asset for the exercise of its activities in anticipation of a return)whereby the government of Cameroon engages to encourage this investment by making it to benefit from advantages provided for in the law of 18 April 2018 laying down private investments in the republic of Cameroon, under the condition that the investor fulfills certain substantial and procedural conditions.

In order to benefit from these advantages, the investor can thus file in an application for approval at the IPA.       

 Application for approval is a file duly composed by an investor by which it seeks to benefit from the advantages provided for in the law of 18 April 2013 laying down incentives on private investment in the Republic of Cameroon.

This application, when submitted, may either lead to a written agreement by the Minister of Finance to a promoter (investor) allowing it to benefit from the incentives relating to the law of 2013 on private investment in the Republic of Cameroon (favorable opinion); or a rejection from the Minister of Finance which rather invites the investor to complete the application file (unfavorable opinion).

Upon approval, the investor is invited for an Agreement signing ceremony at the IPA.