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Cameroon is located at the gulf of Guinea, strategically in the heart of Africa, at the crossroads of the tropical north and the equatorial south.

Cameroon is bordered :

  • On the North by the Republic of Chad ;
  • On the East by the Central African Republic;
  • On the South by Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo Brazzaville,
  • On the West by the Atlantic Ocean and Nigeria.


Country Indicators

Land Area : 475, 650 km²
Population: 19,4 millions inhabitants (2010) estimates).
Population Growth rate: 2.87% inhabitants per km2.
Population under 20 years: 60.2%
Average population density: 41.81 inhabitants per km2
Life Expectancy: 51,7 years
Infant Mortality: 6.4%
Literacy rate: 61 %
Religions: T56% Christians; 24% Muslims; 30% Animists.
Official Languages: French and English.

Government & Political System

H.E Paul Biya

H.E Paul Biya

H.E Philemon Yang Prime Minister

H.E Philemon Yang
Prime Minister

  • Prime Minister & Head of Government Appointed by: Head of State. He is Head of Government.
  • Head of State: H.E. Paul BIYA (elected by direct and universal suffrage for a mandate of 7 years).
  • Legislative power in the hands of a parliament comprising two (02 ) houses: the Senate comprises 100 members (10 per Region) and the National Assembly with 180 members is elected for a 5 years term of office, renewable.
  • Judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court, Appeal and Magistrate Courts

Economic Indicators

  • Currency : Franc CFA (parity as at 22-09-12)
  • 1 euro=656 Francs CFA; 1 dollar= 500 Francs CFA
  • GDP per capita: USD 1244.
  • Distribution of GDP: Primary= 51%; secondary = 27%; tertiary= 22%
  • Inflation: 2.5%
  • Growth rate: 4.5 % (2012 estimates)
  • Gross domestic Investissement: 19% of GDP(2012)
  • Foreign direct investment : USD 337 millions(2009).
  • Exports: USD 3156 million(2010).
  • Imports: USD 5061 million(2010).
  • Main exports : petroleum, cocoa, coffee, wood, alumina, rubber, banana, cotton,.

GDP Growth Trends

GDP Distribution Per Sector


Important Statistics

AGRI-POTENTIAL Ranked no 36 in the world in agricultural potential by FAO
ARABLE LAND % 13% of all available land
AGRI-EMPLOYMENT 60% of employable population.
PERMANENT CROPING 2% of arable land.
RAIN FOREST % 20millionn hectares of forest
ARABLE LAND 7.3 million hectares
ARABLE LAND IN USE 1.3 million hectares
COTTON PRODUCTION World’s 12 biggest exporter of cotton.

80,000 metric tonnes produced by 300,000 farmers from 172,000 hectares.COCOACameroon is the 5th biggest exporter of cocoa .About 4 million farmers produce and export 120,000 metric tonnes per year.COFFEEOnce the second biggest exporter of coffee after Brazil.

Today produces about 100,000 metric tonnes.BANANASOnce the world biggest exporter of bananas today produces 250,000 metric tonnesMINERAL RESOURCES80 percent of Cameroon lies within a massive mineral belt with one of the world’s largest occurrences of bauxite, iron ore, rutile, platinium, cobalt and diamond etc.