Why Cameroon?

Ten Reasons to invest in Cameroon


  1. Cameroon is a crossroad of people, situated at the turning point of West and East Africa, open on the Atlantic Ocean, abounding in touristics sites and sunny beaches. The climate is favourable to agriculture, animal breeding, fishing etc…
  2. A liberal political system, democratic and open to multipartism, guarantees basic freedom for all.
  3. A transparent legal system that guarantees freedom to invest and the protection of investors, ensuring free transfer of income from invested capital,
  4. A dynamic and skilled labour force and a very liberal and flexible labour code which permits negociations between the employers and employees,
  5. Availability of numerous natural resources (oil, gas, bauxite, gold,…) and agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, cotton, bananas, pineapple, rubber, palm oil, etc …)
  6. A vast and ambitious program of privatisation of public and parastatal enterprises.
  7. An ambitious move towards economic reforms, aiming at streamlining fiscal and customs procedures,
  8. Availability of an important electricity network and water supply,
  9. Modern means of communication: -road networks linking the different areas of the country; -well developed railway network, -air transport network that links Cameroon to nearly all European and African capitals, -a liberated maritime network, -a modern telecommunication system.
  10. Measures taken to facilitate the creation of companies by the existence of:

-a one stop shop that streamlines administrative procedures,

-a liberal investment code which offers important economic and fiscal advantages,

-legislation encouraging the creation of industrial free trade zones.