Cameroon is recognized as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country has great tourist assets which only need to be developed. In this respect, the government of Cameroon launched an important project for the promotion of its tourist potential which hinges on the following objectives :

  • Openness and development of tourist sites ;
  • Deployment of effective promotion actions during international encounters ;
  • Improvement of conditions for the reception of tourists in the country through the creation of information kiosks in Cameroon airports ;
  • Organisation of sensitization seminars in all the regions.

Furthermore, the government undertook the following actions :

  • Development of special control corridors in international airports ;
  • Reduction of deadlines for the issuance of entry visas to group tourists at airports ;
  • Establishment of a special shop in airports for the control of exports of handicraft products ;
  • Upgrading of the Ngaoundéré National Hostel and Tourism School into a CEMAC sub-regional School.

Since 2008, Cameroon has reached the number of 500,000 visitors per year, which is the World Tourism Organisation’s standard to become a tourist destination. Cameroon tourist potential offers a remarkable variety of attractions to tourists.

Safari and hunting

Girafes in the Waza Natonal Park

Girafes in the Waza Natonal Park

There are seven national parks in Cameroon which abound in animal species: elephants, lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes, hippopotami, etc.
There are also 5 km of earth roads that are maintained and give access to hunting zones. The hunting season is launched in December and closed in May. Protected species cannot be hunted.

Beach tourism


Lobe Falls Kribi

The coastal line of Cameroon is over 400 km. It is open on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great attraction for beach tourism in Limbe and Kribi.

Mountain tourism


Tourists climbing Mount Cameroon

The high plateaux of the West region have a pattern which is favourable to mountain tourism thanks to the range of mountains and hot springs that stretch from North to South.

Cultural tourism

Bamileke dancers

Bamileke dancers (Western Region)

Cameroon is a cosmopolitan country composed of 250 ethnic groups which account for the cultural richness of the country. The tourist can catch sight of the country’s diversity through traditional architecture, handicrafts, cuisine, folklore, clothing, etc.

Sporting tourism

Mount Cameroon Race of Hope

Mount Cameroon Race of Hope

Several sporting activities are developed in Cameroon alongside the popular football, notably big game fishing in the Wouri estuary, golf practice in Yaounde and Tiko, horseback riding in Yaounde, Garoua and Douala, climbing and hiking on Mount Cameroon, the cycling tour of Cameroon, etc.


The Congo Basin, Cameroon

The Congo Basin, Cameroon

Special sites are favourable to ecotourism in Cameroon, notably the Dja forest and wildlife reserve, classified world humanity heritage, the Korup park rich in rare plant species, the Mount Cameroon flora, etc.