About 52 types of mineral resources that constitute a mineral target have been discovered.


Mineral targets studied from the geochemical anomaly to the level of the deposit.

Gold :

  • Approximately 140 targets have been found in the borders towards the western region of Central Africa, the southern region of Chad, the eastern region of Cameroon and the Adamaoua region.
  • Artisanal operations continue for more than 50 years.
  • Artisanal production about 1500kg per year. Approximately 45,000 ounces.Gold and diamond mining in Cameroon


  • Cameroon is admitted to the KIMBERLEY process
  • 17 targets are recorded. 9 are currently operated in a traditional way in the border area with the CAR.
  • Approximately 26 small scale mining sites exist.
  • Significant diamond indices were recently found along     the 700km border with the CAR                                               Gold and diamond mining in Cameroon 


  •  6 bauxite indices and deposits were discovered.
  • The Minim Martap deposit has a capacity of 1.116 billion tonnes with 43.7% alumina and 1.8% of Georgica’s silica reserves for the estimated reservoir of about 2 billion tonnes. Potential 5th or 6th of the world reserve.

 Iron – Ore

  • Approximately 25 iron target deposits were discovered.
  • The Mamelles deposit in the south of kribi has 330 million tons
  • The Mbalam deposit has an estimated reserves of 807 million tons, of which 220 are composed of more than 60% iron and 587 million tons, composed of 22-38% iron ore.


  • More than 65% discovered on more than 50,000km2.
  • Recent studies indicate 3 million tons reserves of alluvial titanium.
  • A good concentration was found along the coast estimated at about 500,000 tons of titaniferous iron ore.
  • Cameroon has the second largest reserves in the world after Sierra Leone.



  • Indices and deposits currently found in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.
  • The deposits cover 240 km and are valued at close to 200,000 tons of cobalt ore with appreciable tonnage of nickel and manganese.
  • The US company (GEOVIC) has been granted a license to operate in this area.
  • Upstream and downstream business opportunities exist as soon as production begins.



Tin is still produced on a small-scale basis in Cameroon. The exploitation is effective in Mayo Darle with a production estimated at 6500 tons of cassiterite. Potential reserves of this ore are stretched over a surface area of 100 sq km. They have not been clearly identified. Small-scale gold mining Gold from Betare Oya Investing in Cameroun


Sapphire deposits were found in Mamfe in the South-West, and in four of the five divisions of the Adamawa. More than 5,000 artisanal miners exploit sapphire in the Djerem, Vina, Faro and Deo, and Mayo Banyo divisions.


A uranium deposit was discovered in the North region, at Poli. However, the real potential of Cameroon has not yet been estimated.

Stone materials

Deposits of stones used as construction and ornament materials cover three quarters of the Cameroonian territory. They include : marble, sandstone, limestone, quartz, dolerite, gneiss, diorite, gabbro, syenite, granite, etc.




(Sources: Mincommerce, CCI 2000)

Aluminium sheets and strips South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria
Aluminium articles Gabon, South Africa, CAR Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, C.I., Gabon
Tubular glass Packaging
African Proximity markets
Malt beers
African Proximity markets
France, Suisse
Soaps and detergents African Proximity markets
Ciments Clinkers Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Gabon.
Other iron bars CAR, Gabon, Ghana Tunisia, Kenya
Other pipes and tubes South Africa, Zimbabwe, C. I. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
Boxes and crates Côte d’Ivoire, CAR, Gabon Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco


Accumulators and batteries
African Proximity markets
Matches Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, CAR, Gabon South Africa, Kenya
Cigarettes Côte d’Ivoire, CAR, Gabon Morocco, CAR
other non-ferrous metals
African Proximity markets
Mineral water Gabon, CAR, Côte d’Ivoire South Africa, Morocco, Algeria
Animal serum, Vaccins Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana CAR, Morocco
Industrial  Gases Gabon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire
Agrochemicals Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire Gabon, Tunisia, Morocco
Other alcoholic beverages  Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Zimbabwe Tunisia, Morocco


Legal framework of the mining sector

As part of implementation of growth revival strategies, the Cameroon government clearly expressed its will in favour of increased development of the Cameroon mining industry as illustrated by the adoption of the Mining Code which is particularly exemplary.

The Mines Chart of Cameroon