Cameroon, Memve’ele Hydropower Station

To date, the energy sector constitutes a highly strategic production factor. The development of this sector depends on implementation of major projects to revive growth.

Electricity :

Electricity is supplied in Cameroon by AES-SONEL whose generation capacity is estimated at 935 MW, with 722 MW of hydroelectric capacity and 213 MW of thermal capacity. This potential is expected to increase thanks to the construction of the Yassa heavy fuel plant at Dibamba with a capacity of 85 MW.
The Rural Electrification Agency (AER) has been set up alongside AES-SONEL to promote electrification in the rural areas.

Hydroelectricity :

Cameroon’s hydroelectric potential is the second largest in Africa after that of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This potential is estimated at 995 terawatts/h. Cameroon’s generation capacity can reach 20,000 megawatts in the next few years provided adequate means are mobilised for the development of the sector.



The share of renewable in the energy mix is less than 1 %. The ambition is to step up this rate to 5 % by 2020. Several projects are in progress.
Several other projects subject to studies are at the stage of search for financing:


A Significant Hydroelectricity Potential Developed by the Ongoing Implementation of Several Projects

The equipable hydroelectric potential in Cameroon is estimated at 20 GW for producible of 115 TWH/year.
Table: Timetable of major electricity projects according to various sources.

Timetable of major electricity projects-01

Timetable of major electricity projects-02

Table: Cameroon’s energy resources

Cameroon’s energy resources