Banking and Finance

Cameroon has the largest financial system in the CEMAC region.

A domestic financial market favourable to foreign banks where 6 of the 11 largest commercial banks are under foreign control

A huge market for bank credit to be exploited by investors due to the high liquidity of banks in Cameroon

A significant increase of banking activities estimated at 0.15% of Cameroonians having access to a bank account

Average capitalisation of banks to be improved, compared to counterpart countries of the CEMAC zone

Profits are estimated at over 20% for foreign banks in the country.

Local commercial banks in full maturity with innovations in the dematerialisation and securing of payments in business

Many commercial banks are SVTs and allow the development of financial instruments such as BTA and OTA for projects

The development and prosperity known in Cameroon and CEMAC zone of the securities in the financial market by the bonds (250 billion to be raised in 2013)

Many financial conventions ratified by the country with numerous partners

A regulatory and prudential framework provided by the State’s financial system

The interest rate for bank loans to SMEs is capped at 15%

A boom in the micro finance sector

The setting up and quotations of companies in the Douala Stock Exchange.