The Gas Sector

Investors approved under this sector benefit from the following incentives:

  • The right to open in Cameroon and out of the country foreign accounts in local currency or foreign currency;
  • The right to  freely collect & conserve out of the country funds  acquired of borrowed overseas, & use it as they deem  fit;
  • The right to transfer & freely hold foreign accounts, dividends & funds, related to their gas operations,
  • The right to directly pay their suppliers resident out  of the country in dollars
During the installation phase that cannot exceed 5 years, they benefit from:
  • Exemption from registration duties for the creation & increase of capital.
  • Exemption from registration duties for leases of buildings for professional use;
  • Exemption from duties for the transfer of buildings and land directly used in the project;
  • Exemption from special tax for the registration of insurance contacts.
During the 1st ten years of exploitation the following benefits apply:
  • Carrying forward  to the results of the following 3 years of deficits due to
  • Charging amortisation which are normally taken into account during the first 5 years.
  • Exemption from duties, taxes, custom duties on equipment destined to be used for their activity.