Cameroon issues two types of permits:

  • Exploration permits;
  • Mining permits.

Holders of exploration permits benefit from:

  • Temporary admission for materials used for exploration, professional equipment, machines, working vehicles, spare parts etc.
  • Total exoneration for materials, spare parts, and special lubricants necessary for the functioning of their professional equipment,
  • Total exoneration on specific lubricants  for the functioning of exploration, equipment benefit from total exemption from customs duties and taxes.
  • These incentives are equally granted to sub-contractors and suppliers working with holders of exploration permits.
  • Exemption from registration duties related to financing operations,
  • Exemption from corporate taxes;
  • Exemption from taxes on commercial & industrial benefits;
  • Exemption from Special tax on profits transferable abroad;
  • Exemption from proportional tax on Real estate & capital income (RECI)tax.
Holders of mining permits benefit from the following incentives;
  • During the construction phase incentives include;
  • Exemption from customs duties & taxes on materials, equipment and tools used for production.
  • Exemption from customs duties and taxes on set of spare parts to be used in starting the project except for office equipment and tourism vehicles .
  • Exemption  from taxes and duties on replacement equipment in case of a technical fault and equipment  for extension of the projects.
  •  Total exemption on duties & taxes on raw material, until date of the post commercial production;
  • Total exemption  from  duties or taxes on factory construction materials;
  • Total exemption from lubricants used in the project;
  • Total exemption from VAT until date of first production.
  • Extension of period for payment of registration duties on company and capital  leases.
  • Total exemption from registration duties on taxes related to mining operations.