Tax Regime


a)      Finalization of the pilot phase of the IDU project

The development of the data center at the Directorate General of Taxation is in process, the delivery is scheduled for 2014;

Equipment acquired, installation of the system (equipment and software) scheduled at the end of the works;

Effective kick off scheduled for 2014.

b) Establishment of the tele-procedures  platform  :

Option selected: installation of the tele –declaration at the first step:

Application conceived and tests are in the execution process;

Acquisition of equipment (server) in process;

Operationalization in 2014;

Operationality of the Electronic DSF in 2014.

c)  Simplified declaration  and reduced  number of printed material procedures:

A merger carried out between VAT declaration and tax on income declaration (payment of the corporate tax (IS) and the tax on income (IR) since 1st July 2013;

Insertion of the new declaration in the website of the General Directorate of Taxation;

Simplified printed material and procedures;

Establishment of the pre-filled declaration.

d) Simplified dispute procedure and tax payment

Payment through mobile money soon operational;

Streamlining of the administrative phase of the dispute.

e) Reinforced  guarantee of the taxpayer rigths

Possibility given to the taxpayer to request for a general verification of the accounts in case of the VAT credit rejection as a result of the validation control.

f)   Creation of a new  tax incentive regime:

Tax advantages validated by law of 18 April 2013 laying down private investment incentives in Cameroon;

Benefits for companies approved by the Investment Promotion Agency (JPA).