Objectives and Functions

The Investments Promotion Agency (I.P.A.) is a public administrative institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, placed under the technical supervision of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon and financial supervision of the Ministry of Finance. It was created by Presidential Decree n° 2005/310 of 1 September 2005, amended by Decree No. 2013/296 of 9th September 2013 on the organisation and functioning of the Investment Promotion Agency .  Its head office initially established at Douala was transferred to Yaounde.

  1. Missions :
  • promoting the brand image of the Cameroon abroad;
  • participating in the establishment and improvement of an enabling and conductive environment for investments Cameroon;
  • proposing measures aimed at attracting investors in to Cameroon;
  • collecting information on various investment opportunities in Cameroon and disseminating them to the business community;
  • setting up a database of projects at the disposal of investors;
  • welcoming, assisting and guiding investors at all stages of the development of their investment projects;
  • proposing measures likely to improve on the implementation of sectoral codes.


  1. Our services :
  • Receive, assistant and orient investors;
  • Receipt and instructions of licence applications;
  • Facilitation of visa proceedings for investors and their foreign staff;
  • Simplification of administrative procedures in liaison with the competent technical services;
  • Monitoring and control of undertakings subscribed by approved companies;
  • Ensure the public service of companies requesting or benefiting of an approval regime provided by Law n° 2013/004 of 18 April 2013 laying down private  investment incentives in the Republic of Cameroon.
  1. Our strategies:
  • Promote investments in key sectors:
    • Agriculture : Rice, Maize, Cassava;
    • Production of Palm oil ;
    • Transformation of timber;
    • Tourism ;
    • Animal husbandry;
  • Increase the number of FDI in Cameroon ;
  • Vulgarising investment opportunities;
  • Implement studies in selected profiled sectors and sectors with promising growth.