Board Members

Dr. Diane Acha-Morfaw


President of the Board of Directors
Mme MBAJON nee NDJEPANG Marthe Chantal Representative of the Presidency of the Republic
Mr. SABATE Abel Valentin Representative of the Prime Ministry
Mme ELOBO née AMBASSA NNOMO Lysette Representative of the Ministry in charged of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Mr. METOU’OU AMVELA Constant Representative of the Ministry of Finance
Mme. MONO NDJANA, née NGO TONJE Jacqueline Nicole Representative of the Ministry in charge of Promoting Private Investments
Mr. EKOKO MUKETE Representative of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Craft
Me SAMA ASANGA Francis Representative of GICAM
Mr. André Fotso Representative of the Inter Patronal Groupings of Cameroon
Mr. NKODO DANG Roger Representative of the  Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock,  and Forest of Cameroon